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Naked Nosh is a new venture for me, a kinda crazy idea that I’ve had for the last five years since a life changing trip to Bali where I did a month long Yoga Teacher’s Training course where we ate only raw vegan nosh. I’d had the concept, but I’d never before had the guts to take it on because I always felt under qualified.



I am no chef, my idea of dinner is whipping together a salad before bed. I have always been interested in health and fitness and over the last few years have taken a keen interest in raw vegan and vegetarian nutrition.  I’m still a “flexitarian” however, with about 80% of my diet comprising all the “good” stuff and the other 20% of the “naughties”.


I used to run a guesthouse and then I started a CrossFit gym. Both businesses took up most of my days and I never had time to do all the prep required behind proper raw vegan food (who thinks long enough in advance to sprout their seeds or soak their nuts for Crumbs Sakes!). It’s also virtually impossible to find healthy Ready Made Vegetarian and Vegan nosh in any convenience store.


When I lost my business earlier this year I was devastated. I decided to follow my heart for the first time and my heart lead me to working for a few months with Brett Garvie at the VegTable Private Dining Room. He reignited my passion for good Vegetarian food!!  And tought me patience. Nothing happens fast in his kitchen – it’s all slow, handmade food, using the best quality ingredients possible.   But for me something was still missing …. the majority of his food is slow cooked which is rich and sublime, but I quickly began to battle with bloating etc. I am a humanoid who thrives on high quanties of fresh, raw vegetarian chow!


So I thought ….., “If only there was a place where I could get the kind of food I need!”  Knowing that there are others feeling similarly I decided, “What the Hell?  Why don’t I create that place myself!?”

Et Voila – Naked Nosh was born!


The primary goal of Naked Nosh is to make it easy and affordable for people to eat fresh healthy natural food in the modern world.

This week I launched a range of early morning Wheatgrass Shots and Fresh Juice and Fruit Salads which i deliver to the nearby Sothebys offices. It’s a hit!  I’m hoping to deliver to Thesen Islands and Knysna Central soon too, until mid-December when I’ll move operations to the Thesen Islands Food Market. What a pleasure!  Everyone gets a whack of vitamins and minerals first thing!  Sets them up for success during the day.


The next step is to create a range of “Convenience” foods.  And that’s where the Local Design and Food Night Market comes in on 17th December 2015. It’s a great place to experiment, be creative, and to test the market to get feedback and see what’s working and what’s not.


Naked Nosh is a journey of discovery. I make no pretence at having years of experience in this field or world class raw cheffing qualifications.  But I am clear that I love what I’m doing and have a passion to learn and deliver fantastic products that taste as good as they are healthful.  My only desire is to make it easy for people to eat well in their busy lives.



I am a Flexitarian and have chosen to be Flexitarian in my offering too.  So long as the products have been grown responsibly and are as as raw, natural and unprocessed as possible – that’s the goal. It’s a challenge.  I like a challenge!


I won’t always get it right, but I tell you what…there’s no greater joy than selling something healthy to someone and have them come back and tell us how divine it is!!  That’s my kind of “business”.

The Design and Food Market is a fab platform to launch my little start up and here’s hoping we’ll blow your hair back and rock your tastebuds into sublime submission.

Hope to see you there!!



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