The 3 Week Delicious Detox

Monday 7th March – Friday 25th March (Good Friday).

Yes, it’s happening and it’s starting on Monday 7th March!!!  So don’t dilly dally … sign up chop chop and commit to 1, 2 or 3 weeks of a Reviving, Refreshing and Ridiculously Yummy Cleanse that’ll boost your energy levels, clean out toxins, and reinvigorate you for the months to come!

For just R1,185 per week (R237 per day – five days a week), we’ll make all of your cleansing juices, smoothies, snacks and meals for you. All you need to do is collect, enjoy, and watch the transformation 🙂

There are only 12 spots available on the Delicious Detox!
 So, contact us straight away to book your spot.
You can email us (, or Whatsapp us (082 333 0272), Facebook message us, or send a pigeon to 28 Fitchat Street (ChiroLIFE).
Naked Nosh is providing the yummy food and juices, and Lyn Cowie of Veg Revival is standing by for all of your Detox questions. Lyn is a trained home chef and Plant-Powered Lifestyle specialist who is a passionate promoter of fresh family-friendly recipes. Take a look at her gorgeous website,!
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Sign up for The Delicious Detox
before Friday 4th March and get a
FREE Wheatgrass Shot or Pure Pomegranate shot

delivered daily with your Delicious Detox Meal Package!!

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This is a “fail proof” Detox.  Why? 
Because we’ll make all your meals. All you need to do is collect them and enjoy!!
The number one reason people fail to complete a Detox programme is NOT lack of will power or good intentions.  It’s because they simply don’t have time to do all the necessary meal planning and finnickity preparation to ensure their success when hunger strikes. Who’s got time to sprout wheatgrass, soak almonds, dehydrate buckwheat – and have it all ready to go before the day begins?!
Well, we do. 🙂
And we’re here to help you take part in a delicious, no-fail detox, while still going about your day to day life!

How long does the Delicious Detox last? 

The Detox will take place over the course of three weeks – starting Monday 7th March and finishing on Good Friday (25th March).

Where do I collect my daily Delicious Detox Meal Packages?
Meal packages can be collected Monday to Friday at one of the following two places:
08h00 – 16h30 @ Naked Nosh (28 Fitchat Street, Knysna Central).
09h30 – 17h00 @ Rawganic Shop (The Boatshed, Thesen Islands).

Do you deliver?
If we can, we will.  

What about the weekend?
We don’t do weekend meals packs, but …. we’ll provide you with a large dollop of recipes and inspiration to keep you cleansing over the weekends.  Or….you can order a few additional juices, snacks and meals for collection on Friday afternoon to hold you over until Monday.
How much does it cost?

R1,185 per week (R237 per day) for meal package collections from Monday – Friday.

What does a Delicious Detox Meal Package include?
1 Cleansing drink: A Green Juice or Green Smoothie.
1 Morning snack
1 Lunch: A power-packed salad or raw vegan meal.
1 Afternoon snack
1 Dinner: A hearty soup or veggie meal for heating at home.
1 Herbal tea serving (with instructions for ideal water temperature and steeping time).

An example of a day’s meal package:
Drink: Green “Brain fuel” Smoothie.
Morning Snack: Red berry salad with mint and cashew cream.
Lunch: Nut n Veg loaf with tahini gravy and fresh side salad.
Afternoon Snack: Cauliflower popcorn.
Dinner:  Spiced Lentil Soup served with dehydrated herb and seed crackers.
Herbal Tea:  Dandelion root tea.

Would you like to know more about the Drinks, Meals and Snacks we’re planning for the Delicious Detox?  Well then….click here and be prepared to drool!
Optional Delicious Detox Extras
> Liquid health Shooter: 
 (FREE daily!! if you sign up before Friday 4th March).
Pure pomegranate juice (high in anti-oxidants), or Wheatgrass or Barley greens (detoxifying power-houses). 
> Additional Freshly Frozen Juices.
Order a few extra juices to be kept frozen and defrost them when if feel a hunger pang hit!
> Additional meals and snacks
> Additional Herbal Teas

#Detox collage 2Can I just do one day or just one week?
Yes, you sure can. But to reap the full benefits of a structured cleanse that has been designed specifically to take your body through 3 stages of cleansing, we’d recommend doing the whole thing, or doing no less than 1 week, starting on a Monday and ending on a Friday.
Can I just do the juices and snacks (or any other personalised variation of the package)?
Let us know what you would like and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


Can you accommodate special requests and food preferences? 
We’d prefer you stuck to the meals we’ve planned without any changes or substitutions, but let us know if you have a special request and if we can accommodate it we certainly will.

Is it a Vegan Detox?
Yes.  This detox cuts out all highly acidic and inflammatory foods such as sugar, meat and dairy. So by its nature it is a very vegan detox.

But I can’t live without meat and dairy!
Trust us – there will be no shortage of plant-powered protein in your Delicious Detox meals. But feel free to add a little free range meat or organic dairy products to your Delicious Detox meals if you feel that you can’t live without them.  We’d rather that you join the Delicious Detox in a way that is sustainable for you, than not take part at all. You will still receive many of the benefits. That being said, it’s well worth trying to live without your carnivorous fix for a few weeks – at the very least to discover if your body enjoys the change or not.

NOTE: This same advice does NOT apply for processed meats and sugar and/ or refined or processed carbs!! Processed meats and refined carbohydrates are strictly off the Detox party list!!!

Is the food Organic? 

We cannot currently create an entirely organic meal plan, (well, without you having to take out a  second mortgage at any rate). Hopefully in the not-too-distant future we’ll be able to offer a 100% organic cleanse. In the mean time put your mind at rest and know that the food is 70% – 90% organic and getting more and more organic by the day.

Do you have more Questions?
We’ve given you the basics here – but if you have more questions then please feel free to email the Naked Nosher in chief (Helen Bennett) or Plant-Powered Lifestyle specialist (Lyn Cowie) and we’ll get back to you asap 🙂

For questions regarding food preparation or special requests please email:
Helen Bennett (Naked Nosh) –
082 333 0272

For questions regarding detoxing, cleansing, health concerns, and plant-powered living, please email:
Lyn Cowie (Veg Revival) –
076 593 0799

Also watch our Facebook pages.
We’ll be communicating regularly about the Delicious Detox and cleansing in general via our social media channels.


Call us on 082 333 0272 or email us straight away to confirm your spot.
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Please remember your health is your own responsibility. Nothing contained in this Delicious Detox programme is to be construed as medical advice. This information is not meant to replace the guidance offered by your health practitioner. 

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