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Jumping Helen circle

Ummm….. where do I start?
Well I tell you what. Let’s make this a new beginning.

Naked Living starts here and now.

My name’s Helen.
I have a history of addiction that has lead me from HELL into a place of awe and discovery and desire for enlightenment. The road I am on now is not without its bumps.  But that’s life.  Only, now I see the bumps as part of the good stuff. Challenges are opportunities for self-discovery, improvement, growth and joy. It sure is a whole lot better living this way!

We’re all recovering from something.
In the modern world how can we not be?  It’s insane out there! Literally.
“Rigorous honesty” is a non-negotiable requirement in recovery from addiction. So I’m getting seriously honesty here. I’m holding nothing back. And I reserve the right to get it completely wrong and change my mind sometimes.

Fortunately in the depths of my addiction, isolation and dis-ease, I stumbled upon an abundance of spiritual teachers from Marianne Williamson to Will Smith who have shown me that I have a creative power within me that is connected to the Universal creative force, and that the collaboration (or union) of these powers has the potential to create a life beyond my wildest dreams!!  Essentially I have the capacity to CO-CREATE MY REALITY! We all do. It has taken me a long time to accept this idea. And yet on some level I always new it.  But my old ‘victim mentality’ fought hard (and still does sometimes) to hold onto the idea that I am at the mercy of a bad bad bad world. But now I can see that’s all bullshit. I am a creator. I create the shit I am in.  And I create the joy I am in.
So I choose to create maximum joy!

In a way I am born again into every moment. In every moment I am Naked, with a choice of what emotional reaction to wear, or what route to go, or how to feel. No matter the situation I always have freedom to choose.  If I am willing to accept responsibility for my choices then I am truly free.

So, “Yes, thank you”, I choose this kind of freedom.
I choose to write and be responsible for my story.
I choose joy and love and light and abundance.
It’s not easy. It takes practice, and reminders, and guidance. I don’t always get it right. But I’m a thousand times better at creating awesomeness than I ever was. And thousand times happier for it too.

I choose to shake off all the crap that was weighing me down and holding me back.
I choose to get rid of all my preconceived ideas, limiting beliefs and resentments.
I choose to systematically eliminate all toxic thinking as well as all actual toxins from my body and environment (and that includes toxic relationships, media etc..)
I choose to live from a clean, clear, awake, de-cluttered space.

We were born naked into this world and that’s how we’ll die. We don’t get to take any of it with us.
So this is a blog dedicated to living from a place of Nakedness – where in every moment we can choose what physical, emotional and spiritual clothes to wear.
This is my journey from clutter into cleanliness. From insanity to freedom.  From fear to love.  And from darkness into light.
It’s entirely self-indulgent. And it’s also not.
I’m here to learn and to serve too.
If there’s anyway I can be of service by sharing my thoughts and experiences with you then please let me know!

You can email me on helen@nakedliving.co.za

Thanks for reading!
Sending loads of love, light and laughter xxxx

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