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It takes 1000 litres of water to grow 1kg of grain. It takes 24kg of grain to grow 1kg of steak

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5 Super Simple Ways to Save the Planet

Meat free meals vegetarian foodFood production is the biggest cause of environmental degradation. Agriculture accounts for more damage to the planet than all of big industry and power stations combined! More than the impact of all the cars, planes and trains!

Carefully choosing what and how you eat will fundamentally change the future of our fragile planet.

Yes, You.

So what can you do?

Here are some suggestions that have a bigger impact than you think!

5 Super Simple Steps to Save the Planet that anyone can (and must) do! 

-       Meat Free Mondays (and Tuesdays, Wednesdays etc.)
Meat production uses far more resources than the production of fruit and veg. As a bonus eating more vegetables is far better for your health too!

Watch this great little animated video for inspiration:

Meat Free Monday

Don’t believe the fear-mongers (funded by the meat and dairy industry) who’ll have you thinking that you’ll turn into a... erm... vegetable, if you don’t eat your meat. Just because it’s in an advert doesn’t make it true. Plants are packed with vitamins and minerals, and there a hundred plant-based superfoods available that are packed full of protein and calcium.

Note: Unfortunately fish aren’t the answer either - because we’ve completely over-fished our oceans too.
Related Article: TEDx SeaPoint – Positive advice in an ocean of problems 

-  Choose green eco-aware retailers:
Vote with your credit card. Kick the naughty food chains where it hurts most – in the nuts, not the fillet. That piece of plastic has way more power than you think!  

Wooloworths Farming for the future campaign to curb environmental impact of food production

-   Buy Local, or better yet, grow your own!
Urban farming is all the rage. Cutting down on transport and packaging dramatically improves the environmental impact of our eating habits.

-       Waste not, Want Not.
Believe it or not more than half of the food we produce globally is thrown away! In today’s world of convenience is it really necessary to advance buy and advance cook?

Buy and cook only what you need when you need it. You won’t starve. Even in small towns there’s a 24hour convenience store just down the road for the 12pm -7am emergencies when all shops and restaurants are closed!


And, most importantly (and the easiest to do) …

 -       Spread the Word.

With knowledge comes empowerment.
Change doesn’t have to be traumatic.
But it will be if we leave it too late.
So get your friends involved.
Grow your own herbs and veggies in communal spaces and indulge in Monday night veggie feast with friends and family.

If we work as a team to make better choices, then retailers, big business and agriculture will have no choice but to respond quickly! 

"This is going to be the hardest thing we've ever done in history, and we absolutely have to get it right.  And we have to get it right on our first and only try."

- John Foley. The Other Inconvenient Truth (TED talk)


How good can (green) living get?

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- Kathy Freston, best selling author and health activist, talks about why Meat Free Mondays are gaining in popularity.


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