The 5 Day Wheatgrass Experiment


If you are a Wheatgrass Virgin and have always wanted to try wheatgrass juice but couldn’t work out what the fuss is all about…. now’s your chance!

The trick to drinking wheatgrass juice is not to have it on a once-off basis.  To really reap the health and energy rewards you need to commit to drinking wheatgrass regularly over the long term.
But who needs that kind of commitment without a guarantee that it’ll do you any good right? Right.
So how about just 5 days? Are you up for trying it for 5 days?
Yep. Great!

Order a wheatgrass shot a day for 5 consecutive days during February 2016, and notice improvements in your:
– energy levels
– or quality of sleep
– or general health,
– or all of the above!

If I’m wrong, and you don’t feel a smidgen better in any of those respects …. then I’ll refund you 50% of cost of the wheatgrass shots.

Wheatgrass has been the single most beneficial health “supplement” that I have ever taken.  It has boosted my energy levels (I average 6.5 hours of sleep a night, have sustained energy during the day and rarely need a power nap), I sleep right through those 6,5 hours without disturbance (this coming from a self-confessed, sleep deprived, worry wart!) , and, most recently, I recovered extremely quickly from a nasty flu that had the rest of my family man-down for days.
But enough about me. What about you?
Well, I’ve seen regular wheatgrass juices make powerful changes in the health and energy of the clients who have started incorporating it as a part of their daily routine, and I am confident that it’ll do the same for you.
But I’m not 100% certain.  So this is an experiment.WHY 5 DAYS?
Why not 30 days? Or 3 days?
There’s no agreed “minimum optimum” effect period when it comes to wheatgrass.  In my experience, clients notice improvements in 1 – 3 days.  But we are a funny bunch, and some bodies take longer to respond than others. So just to be on the safe side, let’s give it 5 days to work its magic.  I’ve no doubt that you’ll look back at the week and think, “Wow, that was a pretty great week! I felt good, didn’t get sick and had more energy than usual.”But…if you haven’t noticed distinctive improvements, then I’d wager that for the following five days, after you have stopped drinking wheatgrass, you’ll start to feel sluggish, sniffly, and maybe a little blue. When you stop taking wheatgrass you’ll notice that you don’t feel as good anymore.  It’s a classic case of not noticing when everything’s running smoothly, but not being able to ignore it when things are going badly.


Start on a Monday.
Give me feedback the following Monday.

If you haven’t noticed any improvements… I’ll gladly refund you 50% of the cost of the wheatgrass shots.

Wheatgrass is the quite simply one of the best forms of nutrition for us humanoids!

Wheatgrass contains all minerals known to man, and vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l and K. It is extremely rich in protein, and contains 17 amino acids, the building blocks of protein.”

But it ain’t accessible if we chew on it (that’s why the good Lord invented cows!). Fortunately we can juice it to extract all that liquid health in a shot that packs a powerful health punch!  (See my Top 5 Health Benefits listed further down)

We eat animals and they eat wheatgrass. Why not cut out the middle-man and go straight to source? Get it fresh in juice form so that your body can benefit from all of the nutrients and absorb them immediately.

Sweet. Grassy. 
It tastes like it smells. You know when you’ve just mowed the lawn? It tastes like that. Some like it. Some hate it.
It’s taken a while for me to drink my shot without a shiver, but now I enjoy them :-)

NB – This isn’t gourmet cuisine, it’s natural medicine. It’s over with in a second.  It’s the opposite of tequila, but if you think a lick of rock salt and squeeze of organic lemon will help get it down … we won’t judge! 

In my experience most people feel a noticeable improvement to their energy levels within 45-60minutes of drinking the juice on an empty stomach. But don’t expect the sudden surge of energy that coffee or Redbull brings.  It’s a marked improvement followed by a slow burn. If you’re an athlete you should notice improved energy levels, strength and endurance throughout the week.  Improved energy levels on a sustained basis is the thing I hear the most from Wheatgrass Newbies.In my own experience …. when I drink wheatgrass I have sustained energy all day. I sleep better, and I fight off colds and flu in a jiffy.  If my improved moods, and ability to take life with a pinch of salt, have been a result of daily wheatgrass too … well, let’s just say, I wouldn’t  rule it out.


THINK … “ENERGISER BUNNY”….It’s really this simple…we are big batteries. When we’re rocking and rolling we are well alkalised.  When we run out of energy we are too acid  (think of the battery acid that leaks from your battery when it’s no longer functioning).

The dominant Western Diet and Lifestyle is highly acid forming (dairy, meats, stress, high intensity cardio training, sugar, alcohol).  And we don’t balance that with enough alkalising foods and activities (dark green leafy veg, meditation etc).

Wheatgrass is PACKED with alkalising minerals.  It’s the ultimate dark leafy green. And having just been sprouted, and in the early stage of growth…it’s jam packed with enzymes too. These minerals and enzymes combine to improve the alkalinity of your blood, assist digestion and healing, and boost your energy levels. You won’t notice the alkalinity, but you can feel the improved energy. 

1 x Wheatgrass Shot is R15 

I deliver 30ml wheatgrass shots in a little glass bottles to clients around Knysna every day. If your shots are delivered to you, you will need to pay R5 per bottle which is refundable on return of the bottles.
There are lots of reasons to drink freshly juiced wheatgrass – here are 50 of them:
Below I’ve listed my TOP 5 REASONS to drink wheatgrass juice regularly:
1. “Wheatgrass juice is an effective healer because it contains all minerals known to man, and vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l and K. It is extremely rich in protein, and contains 17 amino acids, the building blocks of protein.”
2. “Chlorophyll improves blood sugar problems.”
3. “Wheatgrass juice is a superior detoxification agent compared to carrot juice and other fruits and vegetables.
4. Wheatgrass Juice is one of the best sources of living chlorophyll available today. (However, to get the full benefit, the chlorophyll must come fresh from a living plant).”  “Chlorophyll, is an important blood builder. The chlorophyll molecules closely resemble that of the hemin molecule, the pigment which combines with protein to form hemoglobin. The major difference is the chlorophyll molecule contains magnesium as it’s central atom, and the hemin molecule contains iron. The molecular structure of these two substances is almost identical in all other respects.”


5. “By taking wheatgrass juice, one may feel an increase in strength and endurance, renewed health and spirituality, and experience an overall sense of well-being.”


Email me or give me a buzz on 082 333 0272 to let me know when you’d like to start.

You can pop in and have your daily wheatgrass shot at the new Naked Nosh kitchen at ChiroLife (28 Fitchat Street, Knysna Central), or I’ll deliver your shots to your door every morning!!

Here’s to good Health!!


Naked Nosh – My kinda “business”.

Naked Nosh test logo 6

Naked Nosh is a new venture for me, a kinda crazy idea that I’ve had for the last five years since a life changing trip to Bali where I did a month long Yoga Teacher’s Training course where we ate only raw vegan nosh. I’d had the concept, but I’d never before had the guts to take it on because I always felt under qualified.



I am no chef, my idea of dinner is whipping together a salad before bed. I have always been interested in health and fitness and over the last few years have taken a keen interest in raw vegan and vegetarian nutrition.  I’m still a “flexitarian” however, with about 80% of my diet comprising all the “good” stuff and the other 20% of the “naughties”.


I used to run a guesthouse and then I started a CrossFit gym. Both businesses took up most of my days and I never had time to do all the prep required behind proper raw vegan food (who thinks long enough in advance to sprout their seeds or soak their nuts for Crumbs Sakes!). It’s also virtually impossible to find healthy Ready Made Vegetarian and Vegan nosh in any convenience store.


When I lost my business earlier this year I was devastated. I decided to follow my heart for the first time and my heart lead me to working for a few months with Brett Garvie at the VegTable Private Dining Room. He reignited my passion for good Vegetarian food!!  And tought me patience. Nothing happens fast in his kitchen – it’s all slow, handmade food, using the best quality ingredients possible.   But for me something was still missing …. the majority of his food is slow cooked which is rich and sublime, but I quickly began to battle with bloating etc. I am a humanoid who thrives on high quanties of fresh, raw vegetarian chow!


So I thought ….., “If only there was a place where I could get the kind of food I need!”  Knowing that there are others feeling similarly I decided, “What the Hell?  Why don’t I create that place myself!?”

Et Voila – Naked Nosh was born!


The primary goal of Naked Nosh is to make it easy and affordable for people to eat fresh healthy natural food in the modern world.

This week I launched a range of early morning Wheatgrass Shots and Fresh Juice and Fruit Salads which i deliver to the nearby Sothebys offices. It’s a hit!  I’m hoping to deliver to Thesen Islands and Knysna Central soon too, until mid-December when I’ll move operations to the Thesen Islands Food Market. What a pleasure!  Everyone gets a whack of vitamins and minerals first thing!  Sets them up for success during the day.


The next step is to create a range of “Convenience” foods.  And that’s where the Local Design and Food Night Market comes in on 17th December 2015. It’s a great place to experiment, be creative, and to test the market to get feedback and see what’s working and what’s not.


Naked Nosh is a journey of discovery. I make no pretence at having years of experience in this field or world class raw cheffing qualifications.  But I am clear that I love what I’m doing and have a passion to learn and deliver fantastic products that taste as good as they are healthful.  My only desire is to make it easy for people to eat well in their busy lives.



I am a Flexitarian and have chosen to be Flexitarian in my offering too.  So long as the products have been grown responsibly and are as as raw, natural and unprocessed as possible – that’s the goal. It’s a challenge.  I like a challenge!


I won’t always get it right, but I tell you what…there’s no greater joy than selling something healthy to someone and have them come back and tell us how divine it is!!  That’s my kind of “business”.

The Design and Food Market is a fab platform to launch my little start up and here’s hoping we’ll blow your hair back and rock your tastebuds into sublime submission.

Hope to see you there!!



What to do when you wake up in a flat panic.

ask for help

Some days I wake up in a wobble.
My world seems to spinning out of control and it’s not even 6am yet!!! Panic starts to take hold.
It’s hard to get back to center of days like these – when my healthy routine is out of the window and taking care of me is postponed until “later”.
It’s hard to get back to center, but not impossible.
Asking for help always helps.
(But strange how rarely I think to do this, and how hard it is to do).

And when looking at the whole picture is overwhelming, I find that just taking the next step forward helps too. Just doing the next right thing. Even if that thing is…brush your teeth, pick up the dog poop, take out the trash.
It may not get me out of a crisis, but it keeps me from falling into a state of panic or paralysis.
And that’s a good start.

Wishing you a wonderful, stress-free day ahead. xxx

ask for help

What’s the Best Way to Stay Fit and Trim?


Confession Time.
Since my business (a CrossFit Box and Sport Centre) closed down in May I actually couldn’t bear the thought of any kind of physical training.

I was completely overtrained, and the trauma of losing the business made me never want to see a CrossFit gym again. But recently the old desire to get CrossFitting started creeping in (thank goodness), proving once again that  being slim, trim, agile and energised is part of being human – and we have an innate desire to be comfortable in our skin and physically active!

The question is … what’s the best way stay fit? The key world is “STAY” and the answer is simple. To sustainably stay fit you gotta do what you love!
Love walking the dog? Then walk the dog.
Love cleaning your garage? Do that.
There’s no need to suffer through hours of physical activity that you hate.

I use the 80-20 rule. If I love it 80% of the time – then I gotta stick with it during the 20% Suck Fest.

I’m a far cry from the fitness levels I was at in May (and I have no intention of getting back there) but this morning i did a great workout that I’d love to share with you. Here it is (the beginner version is in brackets):

Ease into spring all rounder
– Ideally start with 10 -15min of yoga. 10 x Surya Namaska is great.
– Add a 20min Slow run or 30min upbeat walk

5 Rounds:
200m sprint (jog)
10 handstand push ups (normal push ups)
20 squats

5 Rounds:
10 Pull Ups or Ring Rows (if you don’t have a pull up bar of TRX then swap out for Tricep dips)
20 med ball sit ups (or normal sit ups)
40 Double Unders (or single skips)

Hit a 5 minutes Mediation while your heart rate is still high. It intensifies the experience and deeply relaxes your body.
The stretch or roll out on a rumble roller as needed.

It won’t take long but it’ll make you feel great!

By the end of it you’ve accumulated
1 km run, 50 push ups, 100 squats, 50 pull ups and 100 sit ups. But it won’t feel like it. That’s the beauty of these kid of WODs.


Disconnect to Reconnect.

Scott Dinsmore - disconnect to reconnect

Yesterday I went off the grid. After a weekend of worrying about “WTF am I doing?” I decided to allow myself to explore every option without the interruption of the connected world. I didn’t worry about all the things I “should” be doing. Instead I got out into nature, chatted to loved ones and just allowed the answers to come to me. Today I woke revitalised and ready to kick ass with a clear action plan that is in line with my heart’s longing.

Disconnecting from the buzz of modern world allows us to connect to forces that shape our lives. It heightens our intuition and makes clear what previously seemed like static. Disconnecting allows us to connect to our heart’s longing and listen to what it is that we really need: body, mind and soul.

“Always being connected and “on” is not a good thing. It’s not productive, it’s not healthy and it’s certainly not the way to offer your best ideas and work out to the world.” – Scott Dinsmore

Read his blog here
Scott Dinsmore - disconnect to reconnect
Sadly Scott Dinsmore, the man who wrote this blog (just 11 days ago!), died while on Mount Kilimanjaro. Another stark reminder that following your heart’s longing does not guarantee immortality, but it does make for a life of meaning, lived fully (as much as is possible) in every moment.

So, on that note, I continue to choose to follow my heart in work, play and love. Despite the recent pummelling it has received and the inevitable pummellings ahead.  Lately I have been playing it safe, and all that did is bring on a nasty case of The Blues.  Good health and a juicy bank balance is nothing without doing what makes your heart sing.
And blogging on Naked Living makes my heart sing!


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The 8 Laws of Health  (Rest and Recovery is one. Disconnection counts as rest from the media frenzy).

The Best Advice That I Never Gave Myself

The 8 Laws of Health that just about everyone is breaking.

8 Laws of Health

8 Laws of Health

Forget supplements, pills, and the latest fad diet.  All the ancient cultures knew that if you followed these 8 Simple Laws then good health is practically guaranteed.

– SUNSHINE on your skin (at least 20min per day).
– Breathe good clean AIR.
– Drink good clean WATER.
– Eat good clean FOOD.
– Quality REST and RECOVERY.
– TRUST and CONNECTION to a POWER greater than yourself – your Higher Power, God, Love, or simply the power and beauty of Nature – the interpretation of this ‘Power” are varied but necessary for good health.
– TEMPERANCE in all things.

So simple.
And yet, I know very few people who adhere to all 8 Laws!
Do you?
Nope. Which ones can you improve on?

Make simple daily changes here before you run off for chemotherapy, psychotherapy, physiotherapy etc.  Too often modern medicine recommends drastic intervention before checking whether the patient adhering to these 8 simple Laws.

I first heard about these simple rules listening to series of incredible talks by Gary Martin ND, Founder of the Living Valley Springs Centre in Australia, where thousands of people are healed annually from chronic and often fatal diseases without the use of allopathic medicines.

Unfortunately I can’t find these talks freely available online. But I will keep looking. It should be mandatory listening for every human being.  Seriously.

Beginner’s Breakfast Beet Juice


This juice is delish!!
It’s sweet and zingy – perfect for starting your day when you can’t face another green juice.

I made this juice for a complete Vegetable Juice Virgin.  He is also a fanatical  carnivore and anti all things green. As far as he unconcerned, “We simply can’t eat enough meat and ice cream”.

He loved it!
Much to my disappointment.
He finished his entire glass. I was convinced he’d take one sip and leave the rest alone. Sadly – there was no leftovers for me.

5 medium carrots
4 small beetroot
2 small apples
1 lemon
3 Oranges
Add a de-seeded chilli for an early morning WOOHAA!

Beetroots are wonderful for you, but can taste quite earthy and can be off putting for juice ‘Newbies’ – so I used the apples, carrots and oranges to keep the juice fresh, sweet and lovely and disguise the earthy beets. 


The Path to Happiness

The path to happiness

The path to happiness

Sometimes we are so busy being dedicated students of happiness, mindfulness and contentment that we just plain forget that we need to have fun along the way!!

In fact many would argue that our soul “job” in life is the pursuit of joy.

And with that in mind…. it’s a glorious day outside and it’s time for less typing and more living :-)

When The Wheels Fall Off


“We don’t stop driving to Cape Town just because we get a puncture in one tyre!”, says my infinitely wise friend Zane, “We don’t take the other three tyres off the car and say, ‘Oh, Well Fuck it!’ “.  He has a point.

So why then, when we commit to something, do we give up on the first or second sign of trouble?   Impatience?  Laziness?  Relief?  I honestly can’t tell you, but I can tell you that I have a habit of doing this all the time.

That said, I would add that it’s foolish to keep driving down a bumpy road when you’ve had numerous punctures and have run out of spares. Being a Martyr doesn’t impress anyone when your goal is patently unattainable or horribly dangerous.  If, staying committed to your path, is an “accident waiting to happen” – then stop the car or get onto another road!!

Commitment requires focus and determination and getting up after a set back. But it also requires setting reasonable and achievable goals.

As in all things there’s balance to be found.

So, when we hit a bump in the road, I guess the questions that we need to ask ourselves are:
Is this just a minor puncture that can quickly be repaired?
Am I on a dangerous road?
Or worse, am I heading towards the wrong destination?

Usually we know the answer.


Also worth a read:
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> Breaking The Chains of Bad Habits

Best advice I never gave myself.

IMGP1368 (1)

Usually we know the answer.
It’s whispering to us.

Before the whisper becomes a scream.

If you need help ask for it.
Before the whisper becomes a scream.

If you need to change career/ friends/ diet / medication/ suburb do it.
Before the whisper becomes a scream.

You can deal with whispers.
You cannot ignore a scream.

IMGP1368 (1)
Image taken by my friend and sailor, Vasco.